Imagine Giuseppe and Ahmed cooking lasagne together in Bari, Italy and Lieke and Yasmin preparing tabbouleh in Deventer, Netherlands. All of this can happen in our small kitchen container which provides the space, the ingredients and the atmosphere to build friendships and encourage dialogue between refugees and locals in Europe.

Through the engaging activity of cooking we want to bring people together: refugees and locals, juniors and seniors, foodies and football fans, singers and storytellers, Christians and Muslims, men and women – humans. They will all meet at our kitchen table while cooking and eating together. Conversations will be made and prejudices overcome.

At the same time as doing this, we aim to create strong local networks between committed individuals, non-profit organisations and refugees who will continue this dialogue once the container has moved on. We hope to leave communities behind that continue cooking, eating, talking and that #makeEuropeABetterPlate.


Who we are

“Hi, we are Rabea, Jule and Andi! Here is a little bit about us and what we believe in. First of all, we believe in people. We believe in the importance of face-to-face engagement and the unifying power of good food. We love to travel and are curious to meet new people from all over the world.

We have seen in the recent years, and particularly in the recent months, how Europe is tearing itself apart arguing about how to handle the flow of refugees. We are ordinary citizens, ordinary Europeans, but we realised we could no longer watch this happen: right wing parties gaining weight all over Europe, racist movements becoming more and more popular. So we decided to act – we are making our idea a reality and contributing to #makeEuropeABetterPlate”


Jule, Rabea and Andi are three rather young Europeans who are passionate about people and about food. With KITCHEN ON THE RUN they combine their passions and contribute to a welcoming culture of refugees throughout Europe.

Jule and Rabea met in 2002 around a kitchen table in Augsburg during their first weeks at the university. They have shared a flat for years and travelled a lot through Europe for their studies, pleasure and work. In their experience the best conversations and encounters take place at the kitchen table.

While Rabea headed off for sociological researches, peace mediation processes and hands-on projects in disaster management, Jule became a cultural manager, innovation coach and has always been talented at motivating and encouraging others.

Over a decade later, in 2013 they met Andi at a kitchen table (where else?) in Berlin. Andi is amazing at listening to people and their stories. He always asks the right questions and knows how to carefully unfold your secrets. I guess that’s why he decided to become a psychologist. Besides his profession, he loves football and knows how to repair our container – just in case!

In October 2015 they joined the Berlin based organisation Über den Tellerrand e.V. and Kitchen on the Run became the European ambassador of a big community of people creating encounters and a new togetherness between refugees and locals all over Germany.


The story behind

In 2012 Jule and Rabea had the idea of building a container bar, travelling the world on a ship, being a meeting point for people to connect, to share stories, cultures and experiences. This plan was never realised, but neither was it lost.

In March 2015 when they saw the open call for the Advocate Europe Idea Challenge the container idea popped up again and Kitchen on the Run was born. They refined the concept, wrote an application, built a Lego prototype and started a self-made website. Despite having no backing from an experienced organisation and only the vaguest of idea of how the project would actually be realised, a good amount of enthusiasm, confidence and courage helped Kitchen on the Run end up in the top 10 winning projects out of a total of 600 applications. And so in June 2015 the adventure began…